Fila – Vertical Stripes

... And I am back on this bitch once again from weeks upon weeks going ghost. Let me be explicit as to the wishy washiness when it comes to posting. Mentally, I'm all in with ideas, looks and locations although, psychically its strenuous and aggrandized the more I prolong it. I'm a one team person … Continue reading Fila – Vertical Stripes

Box Braided Victory Rolls

Despite the  harsh dreadful winter weather outside, I've been inactive and indolent with posting on the blog. The exactitude of it is I've just been a procrastinating lackadaisical (<--- its an actual word lol) Continuance with material,  these photos were taken when New York was receiving milk-warm weather and featherweight jackets were ok to step … Continue reading Box Braided Victory Rolls


I took a hiatus these past few weeks from posting but no form of disregardance is in the air. I needed to make new adjustments w/ my promotion at work and traveling to out-of-town including  back to Texas. With that being said, here we go..  My outfit is primarily focused on the circumferential center of my Gorillaz t-shirt I … Continue reading Gorillaz

Metallic Dynamite – 4th of July

I was bit indecisive going with the whole traditional red, white and blue representation scheme for an outfit on the 4th of July. I was invited to a rooftop party that subsume live music, food and fireworks you can see sky rocket up from the city skyline so I was positive I wanted to sport something flashy … Continue reading Metallic Dynamite – 4th of July

Hawaiian Hibiscus

Ok so originally, I planned on wearing a long flowy maxi  bottom or pencil skirt with this top. On the other hand, I was heading over to my girl's birthday party which was taking place on the rooftop of her building. Putting thought into it realistically,  wearing a skirt would not have been the greatest … Continue reading Hawaiian Hibiscus

Beavis & Butthead – This Rocks

I do not watch any sort of television however, growing up as a kid, conventionally I'd run downstairs to the livingroom with my older sister to tune into the animated MTV series Beavis & Butthead. Both my sister and I were hefty wild children yet cunning but nonetheless, in my viewpoint this show was the shit! Although … Continue reading Beavis & Butthead – This Rocks