Richard Allan x H&M

Im bringing in two pieces from last summer I haven’t put to use until recently besides my jewelry, jacket & boots. H&M’s launched a collaboration with designer Richard Allan’s son to paying homage in celebration of his father’s legacy & iconic scarf designer to revive the spirit of Swinging Sixties. The new collection reawakens contemporary of abstract, avant design in high octane colors which delivers a wide range of stylish dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, trousers and of course scarves.

 For this post as my main picture displays, it appears I’m wearing a one piece suit. However, its two separate items for the collection of top and bottom.  As mentioned in previous posts, Im all about prints & patterns prominently if they clash. Ok so, there were amounts of ways I could have put together this look including a belt to snatch it all together but I didn’t want to counterbalance any accessories I may adjudicate. I also gave thought about wearing a scarf because why not? That’ll bring the alimentation of this collection. Granting all this, I felt better doing things my way which developed into a feisty, catty, bold lipstick, rest bitch face across the room look with that Cleopatra/Gotti bling to compliment lol.

The turtle neck is a fitted long sleeve top in soft patterned modal jersey and same replica of leggings in thick material avoiding any peak show w/ slight sheen and contrast print pattern with high waisted, elasticized waistband for a good hug around your curves and decorative flatlock seams. My leather jacket and boots are thrifted as well as my vintage jewelry from non other than Paradox Thrift Shop. All items there are to die for, ask for Jessie J – love her! Now that the outfit is at the pinnacle stage, I dolled up my hair to emulate to that “Sixties” greaser vibe, bold red lip wearing Lady Danger from MAC Cosmetics, some light eyeshadow and extending my cat eye baby!







Stripes & Corduroy

Im writing this post from a place of confusion and intramural emotions. I gotta give myself an entirety mind, body & soul reset while keeping my eye on the prize and rolling w/ the punches amongst a shitty situation because fuck it – the show must go on.  Im taking deep gasps and exhales reminding myself when you feel lost and tangled, distinguish each sound. And when there is none, let the rhythm of your own breath bring you back to state of peace & presence. 

With that being said, moving on – –  I am an admirer of patterned stripes anything as it furthermore grabs my attention. For a bit, I have been eyeballing a sweatshirt online by Nike throw on and go crewneck w/ dropped shoulders, stripped design, Nike swoosh logo and relaxed fit for a slouchy silhouette. At first, I wasn’t so quick to buying the sweater being too pricey for my liking. I figured, if its meant to be I’ll catch it on sale which eventually I did for 50% off few weeks later.

I instantly knew the crewneck would work well w/ my classic high top Chuck Taylors from Converse that features a vintage inspired wale wide corduroy fabric and topped w/ the iconic All Star patch and insole for maximum comfort. I mingled in wearing thrifted light washed jeans w/ my tan-ish brown corduroy fanny pack with zippered front pockets and a top closure, grosgrain waist belt strap, and a release buckle closure which I picked up from Forever21 on a whim during the fall. Although, both corduroy items both have different shades of brown, it still all mixes well. To finish off the look, I threw my hair up in faux bangs w/ a sheer white thrifted head scarf to channel my inner love for the 50’s & 60’s era as mixing it w/ modern times. Added some blue eye shadow, my signature cat eye, lip gloss & gold hoop earrings.








Legendary Empowerment

Away with summer in with fall,  brisk transitions clinching onto the final sun beams, skin felt burnt rays and shimmering golden days mother nature still has to offer. Present on this solar day, I prepped myself for an eventful evening channeling my inner chicana vibes from head to toe sporting my t-shirt from Legendary Empowerment

Legendary Empowerment is  founded by Vegas Brisa in 2013 straight out of Las Vegas on 90’s nostalgia and everything that inspired her growth in that era. The message behind the designs are meant to feel empowering, break social stigmas, promote unity and encourage people to recognize their own innate resilience.

 Being my t-shirt the main attire staple for the outfit,  secondary to a superior completion I wore my dark brown BDG vintage inspired slouchy high-rise mom pants in a super cozy corduroy. High-rise waist with a straight, relaxed leg that tapers in at the ankle. Finished with 4 pockets & a button-topped zip fly.

In addition paired together, threw on simplistic chuck taylor classics, hiked up white socks, gold heart shaped bamboo earrings, tiger eye bracelets and gold accessorized rings.  As for my hair mixing eras, I styled it into timeless victory rolls using a old scarf I cut up to compliment the look. If you’re not familiar w/ victory rolls, its women’s hairstyle popular in the 1940 – 1960’s, characterized by voluminous curls of hair to frame the face. 

Outfit Details:

T-shirt: Legendary Empowerment

Pants: BDG

Shoes: Converse

Jewelry: Boutique

Bracelets: Gifted