My Birthday – Another Year

Today is my birthday… 

This post is more of a reflective exchange, I can add a lot to ponder on from the beginning of the year to this very moment as I’am tying this but I’ll keep it short and sweet. A brief summary of 2019 (as it continues) I made riskier, confident steps forward I kept brewing in my mental, manifestation, meditation, self love, self care, attained room for vascular organ freedom, enhancing & mending.

Highbrowed, I’ve experienced that spiritual solitude is a huge component of self evolution. Be to be mindful of your own standards, being alone in that time I took for myself was my upgrade – with everything. When you feel lost and tangled, distinguish each sound. And when there is none, let the rhythm of your own breath bring you back to state of peace & presence.

 Im grateful for another year, another laugh, another adventure with all my endeavors and exchange. Any day above ground is a good day.


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