Resale Folds

As some are aware, my travels back and forth from New York to Texas are frequent and presumptively yet customarily to be with my crew as verbally jesting living in New York and other times Houston. In the interim, itching to get some new clothes I did not have a chance to attend the local flea market while in Houston. In need for some long sleeve shirts cosign to oblivion as I did not pack for the brisk nights. Undoubtedly, browsing online, delving  through Resale Folds mass choices – – I purchased and ordering it to be shipped directly to NY was an untarnished loose fitted vintage rugby long sleeve polo.

As a longtime passion and admiration for discovering hidden treasures at thrift stores, Resale folds was started by husband, father & bboy Jesse.  With Jesse’s wife Lucia right beside him, Resales Folds is a resale collection targeting anyone that stops by their online shop or table at flea markets including Hip Hop Vintage Flea Market located in Houston.Known for array of threads among variety for everyone filled with loads of vintage collectible sportswear, vintage finds w/ valued graphic tees, among timeless brands that will never go out of style.

 When I returned back to New York, waiting for me at home was my freshly new item I had to style the shit out of!

I coalesced together some bluish-white jeans with the multi colored rugby polo, thrifted clear neon pink and optic white visor and  some white tennis shoes.  My approach of inspiration was to factor in a preppy country club feel in fused with a  effortless 90’s vibe.

Rugby Polo: Resale Folds

Jeans: Thrifted

Visor: Thrifted

Tennis Shoes: H&M

Rings: LIC Flea Market

Xo Lacu Xo

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