Box Braided Victory Rolls

Despite the  harsh dreadful winter weather outside, I’ve been inactive and indolent with posting on the blog. The exactitude of it is I’ve just been a procrastinating lackadaisical (<— its an actual word lol)

Continuance with material,  these photos were taken when New York was receiving milk-warm weather and featherweight jackets were ok to step out alongside. The foundation of this ensemble was styling my box braids into two big ass victory rolls in the course of the outfit developing form around it. For those who may not be familiar w/ the hairstyle, victory rolls gained popularity in the 1940s by voluminous curls of hair that frame the face. Victory rolls are associated with the pin up era and achieved using hairspray and various back-combing, rolling, pinning, curling techniques and its classified a hair up do. I was restricted to a minimal styling  yet, made it happen w/ some sturdy pins, steady hands and patience. Not bad for my first time trying w/ braid right?

Placing a sheer white scarf around the roll gave it more life as I leaded more to channeling my inner Bettie Page adding a mix of modernized rock n roll and bold dark makeup. If you guys remember when I first started my blog, my styling was primarily dedicated to pin up. I embrace various styles and eras as but I cannot stop keep switching up. I’ll post some throwback pictures below:….And Now Back……

I wore a lightweight, clear long sleeve hooded jacket featuring  a front snap-button closures, gun flaps, front flap pockets and a back button with black leggings, white tank top and all white wedged sneaker shoes.

Clear Jacket: Forever 21

Scarf: Thrifted

Tank Top: Forever 21

Leggings: Forever 21

Wedged Sneakers: Thrifted

Striped Ring: Thrifted @ LIC Flea Market

Xo Lacu Xo
















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